The Power Of Self Confidence By Brian Tracy Essay

2110 Words Dec 12th, 2016 9 Pages
In the book of The Power of Self-Confidence, the author Brian Tracy, provides good useful information about how we are holding ourselves back from reaching our goals in life because of our self-confidence. Our Self-Confidences is determined by our perception and action that will strengthen our characteristics as a living human being. Self Confidence is a direct trait that everybody have, but the only problem with having confidence, in general, is that many people lack the optimistic point of view of having an overall standpoint of self-confident. Also it is a very personal challenge for as having objects or people holding you back from your desirable goals that you are trying to accomplish in your life. According to the author, Brian Tracy, setting your achievable goals for your life all starts with your self- beliefs because the world is a transparent reflection of what you believe, and also the world can influence you on negative outcomes that will hinder you from becoming confident about your own life. Certainty furthermore self-belief come from certain thinking, conversing with others, a lot from claiming practice, and on some cases, preparation. In spite of the fact that we aim on having a greater amount of each characteristics, we frequently battle those aspects of self-belief until we discover them. Our certainty and the conviction we bring clinched alongside ourselves that might indicate from our various perspectives such as our behavior, temperament, and the best…

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