Mary Piper The Power Of Language Analysis

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Many people try to find something like LISTEN TO MUSIC that helps them to relax and escape from confusion and tension in their daily life, even just minutes. I am one of those people that music becomes a part of my life. I do not only just listen to it, but I also learn from its meanings, LYRICS. Lyrics are one significant type of literary writings because they contain the meaningful verses and emotional tones, such as sadness, happiness, and hope, of the writers.

So, lyrics are the powerful poem that express the personal feelings and emotions, provide encouragement and inspiration, and sometimes tell the individual stories at the same time.

Lyrics with Feelings and Emotions

As I notice many people, even myself, while they are listening
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In Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher indicates that:

All writing is designed to change the world, at least, a small part of the world, or in some small way, perhaps a change in a reader’s mood or in his or her appreciation of a certain kind of beauty. (Language Awareness 83).

Mary Pipher tries to express her attitude about the writing that it all contains beautiful senses and tones that have an impact on the readers’ emotion and mood.

In the music, the writers also express their attitude and emotion by passing through the lyrics as same beautiful way as the writing.


Lyrics are the powerful literature and able to change people’s perspectives and attitude about themselves and their world. Music is an emotional container that contains the writer’s feelings and emotion. It is also a mental therapy that helps and encourages the listeners to have a positive thinking and a positive life. Moreover, music seems to be such a great novel that tells the listeners real-life stories of the writer or someone’s else. If people intentionally listen to the music, they certainly know that music and its lyrics give them more than entertainment and

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