The Power Of Electric Cars Essay

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Electric Cars
Car companies are constantly faced with pressures to grow and expand their car selection, but recently the focus has been on electric cars. Many challenges come with the need for electric cars, but not all consumers are willing to make the switch. Consumers do not know if they really need the new type of car because it has not fully been established as a suitable option. Companies are doing their best to open up the market to electric cars, but it has been a real struggle for them. Over the last century car companies have started and stopped production of electric cars due to three main reasons: the lack of advanced technologies, batteries, and charging stations.
The first idea of electric cars dated back to the nineteen hundreds and is still intact today. In the early years of cars, Americans turned to the new motor vehicle which could use steam, gas or electricity (Matulka). St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture said that "during World War I. Great new supplies of petroleum transformed gasoline into an abundant and inexpensive source of energy. This spurred inventors to focus on perfecting gasoline-powered engines" (Black). When the economy rose and gas prices dropped, people did not focus on electric cars. Even though gas cars were popular, scientists and engineers still worked on making electric cars and their batteries better (Matulka). The U.S Department of Energy said that “electric vehicles during this time had limited performance -- usually…

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