The Poverty Of The Philippines Essay

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Even though the Philippines has improved their economy and lives of people for the past years, the country’s majority of people are still in poverty. Though, the country’s economy is not doing much to help these people have a better life. What is poverty? Economically, poverty is when people do not meet basic certain requirements for a better living condition, for example: food, clothing, and shelter. In rural areas, the only way people can earn income is through agriculture, therefore, depending on the existing of farming and fishing. These people are forced to work in agricultural areas because they don 't get enough education, or don 't get education at all. This causes poverty and unemployment to be much more higher with indigenous people than any other places like the cities. From Philippines’s history of corruption until now, it still shows signs of high country struggles. Natural disasters had been a long term issue that many Filipinos face, but has been dealt with non effective ways for a long time. The United States had opened their eyes in helping the country fix and get started on it’s improvement of human living. Poverty can last as long as problems are not properly handled or fixed.

Poverty is when certain basic needs of a person or family is not being attained. Poverty became a really huge issue because of the county’s subsistence level, the standard of living of people that provides very basic needs to live, dropping from 35 percent to…

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