Essay on The Positive Impacts Of Facebook

1000 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
Alongside the emergence of technology in the last decade, the use of Social Networking Services (SNSs) such as Facebook has become increasingly popular, especially amongst young people regardless of background, religion, age, and geographical location. SNSs can be generally defined as web-based communication services that enable its users to present themselves in an online profile within a bounded system, articulate their social networks, maintain existing relationships and form new ones based on shared interests, values, needs, and experiences. Studies recognizing the negative impacts associated with the SNSs usage have tended to be overly emphasised in public debate and much policy development while well-supported evidence of the potential benefits is often neglected. The purpose of the following literature review is to summarise and critically analyse current research from different disciplines into the positive impacts of Facebook, which is recently considered the most visited online service, in relation to the social and psychological well-being of young users. This review finds that qualified evidence points to positive associations between the use of Facebook and the well-being of particular individuals by promoting self-esteem, facilitating social connectedness, fostering a sense of belonging, and improving their mental health.
Impact of Facebook on young users’ social well-being
A number of existing studies suggest that Facebook plays a crucial role in enhancing…

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