Sherry Turll Alone Together Essay

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As new generations populate our plant they set new standards and social norms in which we live by. In an excerpt from Sherry Turkle’s book “Alone Together”, we learn just how much we would rather text then call. Throughout the excerpt, Turkle investigates the lives of normal people in America to see their experiences with texting and calling. In all of these cases calling is frowned upon and texting is praised due to either an awkward personality, or lack of genuine time; having a conversation over the phone is now basically viewed as an inconvenience to both parties. Given that information, Turkle talks about the human voice and how important it is, and how technology is taking it away from us. Voicemail can now be converted to text so you …show more content…
Plus it was the new and popular thing to do so naturally I was drawn to it. Three years ago I would have agreed with Audrey, she believes that texting is the best way of communicating stating that phone calls are awkward and that she doesn’t know how to say goodbye. But I am now past that, I agree with Turkle’s belief of how important hearing the human voice is. Emotional connections can be made, more meaningful conversations are produced, and social queues are developed. I think texting has also attributed to the growing problem with socially awkward people in this world. It’s kind of annoying when you talk to someone and there so awkward the conversation makes you cringe; now I’m not making fun of anyone I am simply observing what I have seen over my lifetime. And they are usually the people who play video games all day there only true conversations are over the internet; further proving my point that it is extremely important to hear and listen to human voices so you can learn to interact correctly with the real world. I believe that calling should be used more, a point that needs to be emphasized since so many people still believe texting is the way to

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