The Positive Impact Of Globalization On Malaysia Essay

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There are many frequent exchanges in different countries. Globalization is the development of the world’s most important trends. Including political, economic and cultural and other aspects. This essay will analyse three positive aspects of globalization on Malaysia. This essay will use Malaysia to examine on impact of globalization from a political. Economic. Cultural perspective. Finally, this essay will collect my views about positive globalization of Malaysia.

Globalization means increased contact between countries freedom and free markets throughout the world and globalization exploited cheap labour in developing country (Steger. M. B 2013). Promote export and attracting foreign capital. Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with upper-middle income economy. Economic globalization has reduced the number of poor people and achieved rapid development economically in Malaysia, due to actively participate in regional economic cooperation and international organizations. For example. Malaysia join Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in 1967. The most notable feature is the rapid growth of financial markets. Strengthening international and inter-regional exchanges. All these endeavours accord with the trend of economic globalization and regional integration. In addition. (Steger. M. B 2013) claims that Malaysia join the regional trading systems Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). these organizations link different states increasingly incorporated as a whole.…

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