The Positive Contributions Of Parents Involvement In Education

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Purpose Statement:
It has been proven that parent involvement in education can play a vital role in their students achievements at school. Parents can be taught at schools through various parenting classes and activities about their role in their students education. Research shows that students achieve more educational success when both the families and school work together to motivate and educated the students. The students whose parents are involved in their educational journey usually have more success in their academics and exhibit positive attitudes and behaviors at schools.There are many studies that have shown positive outcomes in education regardless of the students ethnic or racial background or socioeconomic status.
In this study,
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The questions concerning their behaviors ranch from in the classroom, during lunch, or out during break. Another example of a question that I may ask the students will be to describe their own perception of student success and their success. After I interview the students I will ask to interview their parents. The questions given to their parents, they will explain their perception of their involvement in their students academics and school life. The parent will also have the opportunity to describe what they believe being involved means and is. Another example of a question that I will ask the parents during the interview if they can describe what student success is; also what academic success means to them. is what student academic success is and what it means to them. Also what do they do as parents to allow their their child to know they are successful in school. Wright (2013) explained, “Qualitative research methods are used with interpretive studies in which the focus is on the deep meaning of words and images rather than on empirical evidence. The qualitative approach can provide a deep level of insight into the nature of human motivations and behaviors.”(Wright pg.70) Using this form of data collecting will provide me with a richer and deeper insight to understand the importance of my study oppose to a paper survey where I do not receive that individual personal contact with my

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