Introverts For Friends

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Choosing friends is not like accepting a request on Facebook. Even though most people have multiple friends on their Facebook account, there are probably quite a few they’ve never met. The process of finding true friends is not equivalent to accepting a friend request. People cannot review a timeline, or view a profile, to decide that person is formally their friend. As the process begins with this quest to find an equal, the potential for a relationship will depend on their overall personality. They will need to establish a rapport to develop a long-term association. When looking for a friend(s), they ought to consider people that are honest, direct, loyal, and accepting of others. Additionally, there are other traits that factor …show more content…
This does not mean we need a superhero for our friends. Strength in a friendship can mean a lot of different things. Being an introvert can cost quite an extensive amount of friendships throughout one’s life. A lot of friends can confuse introversion for moodiness or anti-social behavior. However, having introverts for friends can be beneficial as they remain calm under pressure, and don’t involve themselves in drama. Also, they can be extremely social when given the right circumstances with positive influences. Despite this alleged flaw, they will select incredibly strong people as their friend(s) who will support them in everything. When thinking about some of the most trying times, were those friends offering support through the darkest hours? Will they remain close if serious issues come along, like cancer, drugs, death, or possible suicide in the family? A small percent will decide they can no longer remain by their friend 's side. Their journey with that person will end because they do not know how to provide comfort. Those former friends lack the strength within themselves to offer any support. Eventually, when circumstances turn around for the better. Thankfully, those stronger friends will remain

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