What Role Does Technology Play In Globalization

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What is globalization? It is the interaction amongst governments of different countries, companies, international trade, investments that are all helped by technology. It has effects on our well-beings, economic development, environments, political systems and culture around the world on a daily basis. How has technology helped with globalization? With the advancement of technology it has made things much easier between countries including faster transfer of assets, partnerships, translation services, innovations and products more affordable. This topic was selected because technology plays a major role in globalization everyday and the platform it provides for companies around the world. Many companies are now outsourcing jobs via the internet. Its easy for software programmers whether local or international to create a website within a small of amount of time for very little money. Technology allows our capacity to improve. In this paper we can read about the positive and negative effects in the online global community.

Technology has given big name companies a global presence that can be seen and heard around the world by
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It has changed how companies conduct there businesses and how easier it is to expand online. In the future we might not leave our homes because everything can be executed through the World Wide Web. Some jobs might not even exist anymore in a local and or international market which could make the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The advancement in technology at such a rapid rate can help with globalization in all aspects from governments, consumers, countries, culture and logistics. Technology will change how we do our jobs since we are now in a digital generation. Globalization can and will improve with the help of the internet to bring

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