The Bear Chekhov Analysis

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The purpose of comedy in play is to make audiences laughing or smiling at happy senses, and it helps people to recognize bad habits and connect the social network. So yes, the depiction of love and the humor presented by Chekhov are universal literary. Because Anton Chekhov expressed the feeling of love and the sense of humor was genuine feelings of love and rustic fun in life. These emotions can express in anytime and anywhere. Love is the catalyst to help people feeling happy and exciting in life. In other words, love is a connection and is formed by a positive emotional shared with anyone. Anton Chekhov expressed the faith of love in “The Bear” by showing how painful of a woman sitting alone in the darkroom to wait for something miracles about love happens. There was a …show more content…
The authors and actors try to make viewers feel happy, exciting and comfortable when they watch the plays. So, Anton Chekhov was the best authors of Russia could write many classical works about comedy. He used the simplicity of life and portrayed it in the most authentic and humorous way. There was quote in the dialogue between the Mrs. Popova and Mr. Smirnov in the “The Boor,” “That's why I never did like, and don't like now, to have to talk to women. I'd rather sit on a barrel of gunpowder than talk to a woman” (1355). Anton Chekhov used the language in everyday life to describe Mr. Smirnov’s bored when he talked to the woman. Mr. Smirnov would rather sit in the danger place like gunpowder than talk to Mrs. Popova. The audiences could recognize the funny things quickly in the dialogue and keep laughing. Anton used a lot of type of comedy in a drama for his works, especially in this play was the farce and slapstick comedy to provoke laughter. It was easy to keep people, or any listener laughed in anytime when Anton described the things in real life in humorously and funnily

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