Theme Of Love In Death Of A Salesman

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How Does Any Character Express Love in Death of a Salesman? What is love you ask? Love is a powerful force beyond measure. In the short story Death of a salesman by Arthur Miller, Arthur took his time and constructed the story very well. Every character expressed love in some shape, form, or fashion. In my opinion Willy loman’s son Biff expressed love in many different ways whether the reader recognizes it or not. For one Biff has always wanted to please his father in everything that he did. For instance during high school Biff was what society called a jock. He was good at sports, physically strong, handsome, and well liked. Biff’s father loved this about him. Biff loved making his dad proud of him, in a way Mr. Loman was living through his …show more content…
Biff expresses his love emotionally by keeping the mindset of what his dad would want him to do or what he ought to do. From my interpretation Biff is somewhat desperate to impress his father. He has gone out of his way numerous times just to show his father how much he loves him. Biff really hates the competiveness of the business world. Even though he liked the kind of work on the farm he was doing at the ranch out west, he has gone through countless jobs and still feels like he not making anything of himself or going anywhere in life. Biff loves to fantasize about moving out west with happy to open up a ranch, where they could work with their hands (which I believe is a trait they both picked up from their father because wilily is good with his hands also). Whenever biff isn’t thinking about the ranch he’s thinking about the women and actually talking with happy about finding a woman and settling down, which is something they both would agree on. Which shows that although he and happy both are womanizers he still has a heart and would express his love with one person for a while. Let’s just hope biff doesn’t end up like his father having an affair (in a hotel room with another woman). Biff expresses love emotionally in all of those examples from how I interpreted his …show more content…
Biff continually tries to straighten himself out and find a job for his dad’s sake. This says a lot about biff, he’s not self-centered, he actually still cares about what his dad thinks. Even after he witnessed his dad doing the wrong thing he still strived to show his dad what a man he could actually be. Biff was thirty-four and came back home to surprise his dad. Well his dad was surprised but not in a good way, he talked down on biff as to being a failure. Biff still loves his dad and thought that it would be a god idea to come home for a visit. Apparently that wasn’t the case, it’s a shame to see someone continually be rejected and still have the loving mindset to try their best, to please their loved one no matter what it takes. There is one thing to want approval of your father but, there’s something much more biff could have been. He was blinded by impressing his father he couldn’t see his true love for having his own business on a

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