Essay on The Population And Prevalence Of Hiv

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Geography Lesotho is a small African country located in the southern portion of Africa. Lesotho is enclaved by the country, South Africa. Lesotho’s natural resources are water, agricultural grazing land, diamonds, sand, clay and building stone. The country’s terrain consists of highlands with plateaus, hills, and mountains. The country is divided into 10 healthcare districts. The mountainous terrain and limited road infrastructure of Lesotho creates a barrier for individuals to access these healthcare facilities (Coburn, Okano, and Blower 2013).
Access to Healthcare
Despite the continued efforts to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa, the infection rate and prevalence of HIV are still on the rise in small countries such as Lesotho. A contributing factor to the rise in infection rates and prevalence of HIV in Lesotho is the lack of individuals getting screened for HIV. Many individuals who are infected do not get screened because of limited access to healthcare services. According to Lesia, Miller, Rigodon, Joseph, and Furin (2013), Lesotho has “HIV prevalence of approximately 25%” (p. 72). Although antiretroviral therapy (ART) has been available for many years, only a small percentage of people infected with HIV in Lesotho have access to healthcare services. Lesia et al. (2013) found “approximately less than 15% of the population in Lesotho who is infected with HIV have access to treatment” (p. 72). Having a lack of access to healthcare services such as ART treatment…

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