The Politics Of The United States Essay

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The U.S. has come a long way since our Founding Fathers created the Constitution. Throughout our history, we have been dominated by a Two Party system. This Two Party system has changed significantly since their creation. The U.S. has had six party eras, the first era was predominantly the federalist vs anti-federalist debate about whether the states or federal government should hold more power. The Democratic party started to gain traction in the second party era. While the Republican party gained its traction in the Third Party era with Abraham Lincoln. Geographically speaking, in the Third Party era, Republicans were the north and western states. Democrats on the other hand, were southern pro-slavery states. Since the Third Party era, Republicans and Democrats have maintained control of office to this day. As you may know, both parties have completely switch positions since the Third Party era. Proof of this is by the majority of the african american vote goes towards the democratic party that was once pro-slavery. This highlights that both parties are forever changing. It’s important to understand why the U.S. is predominantly controlled by the two party system, because they make all the decision about policy, economy, and the social roles that will affect our daily lives. By determining what parties people associate with we can decide what dominates people’s public opinion. I will also address why the U.S. has been under control by the Two Party system.
To begin with,…

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