Essay about The Political Views Of Andrew Jackson 's Presidency

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Andrew Jackson’s presidency could easily be considered one of the most controversial yet most influential presidencies of all time. Jackson was the seventh President of the United states and served two terms during the years of 1829 to 1837. Jackson would definitely be considered a president for the people. He tried to do everything in his power to help the citizens of America, but this passion caused Jackson some trouble . The political views of Andrew Jackson were controversial in that Jackson’s ideas about Democracy, the National Bank, and Indian Removal created an uprising of animosity and dispute between the citizens and government of America.
Jackson believed that America should have a democracy, meaning that the government should be ran solely by the people of America. America was formerly ruled by an elite group of men, whether they were for Jefferson or part of the federalist party. The citizens that were for Jackson were called the Jacksonians, and they firmly believed that the people should rule the nation. Daniel Webster stated, “I never saw anything like it, persons have come 500 miles to see General Jackson, and they really think that the country is rescued from some dreadful danger.” He did not so many citizens were for Jackson. Andrew won both the wealthy and the poor over. When Jackson won the presidency, the transfer to the common people from national power began to increase. At this point in time, the concept of a political revolution was not completely…

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