The Political Influence On The Electoral Process Essay

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The Interest group in the Ad is attempting to influence the electoral process in many pragmatic and practical ways. Candidate’s willingness to acknowledge the needs of the interest groups in exchange for endorsements and monetary exchange has become one of the major points of modern day politics. Interest groups lobby existing politicians with campaign contributions or advance their own candidate that will be favorable to their interests. Since the amount of campaign, funding is highly correlated with being elected. More often than not the wealthier the interest group lobbyists are, the more influence they obtain. Interest groups offer knowledge on particular subject matters as well as provide litigation and legislative writing to influence the politicians. According to the Cigler and Loomis, the power of the interest groups is dichotomized by the types of interest groups that exist and the tactics they utilize when lobbying (Cigler, 2012). The different tactics used by the groups are access, profitable persuasion, material incentives, economic advantage, disruption, and litigation. Access is one of the main tactics that interest groups use when trying to influence the electoral process. Interest groups will often use celebrities that have experienced the issues for which the interest group is lobbying in order to gain access to officials at a higher lever to get the ball rolling in favor of the people (Cigler, 2012). Michael J.Fox would be a wonderful example of this…

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