The Political Environment Factors That Affect The Marketing And Export Process

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The market of the company like everything else, will change with time. The maturity of the company to market share increases steadily, likely to face market growth original target. The planning and implementation of the growth strategy for the development of new markets and the expansion of the company before the current market will not only help in your business to live difficult times (Greene,2007). “Growth decisions have been analyzed theoretically for several decades using Ansoff 's (1957) matrix, the construct of business development is more problematic” (Normand, T, 2015). However, using Ansoff’s matrix especially the market development strategy and exporting a product to another region are risky because the company will run into different environments that can affect the business. This research paper explains the concept of the environment and shows the political environment factors that can affect the marketing and export process.

The concept of the environment:
In fact, there is general agreement among researchers and writers on a specific concept of the environment. Perhaps this is due to the complexity of its components and the attempt to a specific definition of the environment but in fact reflects the point of view of the analysis and study in accordance with the objectives of seeking to achieve through research. Scott defined as " the reality in which the Organization in all their systems of values and social, cultural and…

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