The Police Subculture Is A Code Of Silence Essay

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Occupational cultures can be described as “a product of the various situations and problems which all vocational members confront and to which they equally response” (Paoline, 2003). Rather than a monolithic entity, police culture varies by agency and by individual officers. The concept of police culture has been criticized for being extremely broad and loosely defined (Crank, 2004). The police occupational subculture is a support system for all officers who experience similar everyday stressors in their line of work. While this support system can be positive, there are also negative aspects to it. Embedded in the police subculture is a code of silence which strongly emphasizes loyalty and solidarity. This solidarity is powerful enough that unethical actions and misconduct can go unreported. Research has been conducted over time which can provide insight on various aspects of the police occupational culture, as well as provide explanation for the reasoning behind the solidarity and loyalty.
Literature Review
Limitations of past research (source 6) Multiple prior approaches to studying police culture and misconduct had been met with limitations. One of the limitations is the assessment of variation in occupation attitudes has treated police culture as an individual concept. Instead of one concept, police culture consists of shared attitudes that establish a collective (Ingram, Paoline, Terrill, 2013). Research conducted in the past has indicated that police…

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