The Poem Metaphors By Sylvia Plath Essay

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The poem “Metaphors” by Sylvia Plath, uses an unsettling way to describe a woman’s pregnancy. Plath uses the form of her poem and many clear metaphors to show her mindset of a woman’s appearance and anger throughout her pregnancy, this is important because you see a woman’s perspective. The first line holds an introduction to the true meaning of the poem, and it states the riddle that needs to be solved. The form of the poem is in a riddle and has nine lines to represent the length of the pregnancy, while the metaphors show how her body is changing. Her anger goes along with her appearance as well as the sickness her body is receiving. Plath is deeply stressed because she feels as if she is losing her individuality and is now becoming one with the child. The poem successfully shows the unorthodox view of pregnancy. She wants to describe the not-so-nice parts such as sickness, and weight gain.
Plath put a lot of thought into the form of her poem. She shows in the very beginning that her poem is going to be “a riddle in nine syllables” (Plath 1). She then goes on to complete her entire poem with nine lines. This is used to signify the nine month pregnancy. She also uses only nine syllables in each line of her poem to compare it to the length of the pregnancy. Plath tries to describe her poem as a riddle and after this the entire poem flows like a riddle would. Pregnancy itself may be viewed as a riddle due to the fact of never knowing what to expect or what is going to come…

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