Similarities Between Daddy And Lady Lazarus By Sylvia Plath

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Daddy and Lady Lazarus are poems written in 1963, by Sylvia Plath and were shortly released after her death. Sylvia Plath is a famous American poet born in October 27, 1932. Plath was really depressed since at the age of 10 after her Father's death. She tried to commit suicide multiple times and failed.Plath's famous Poems “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus” are mainly influenced on her depression and her complex relationship with her Dad and her husband Ted Hughes. Ted hughes leaving Plath left her more devastated and her depression turned to really bad state. At the age of 30 , she finally killed herself.

In “Daddy” Plath write about how she had to wipe out the memory of her dad after his death, you can see that in the poem when she says “Daddy,
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In both poems she uses historic tragedies to describe her feelings towards her father after his death and also to explain the suffering she is faced during her depression. In “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus” Plath uses two different personalities from world war two to describe her feelings; Nazi to be the strong one and the jew to be the weak one. Plath uses the Holocaust to describe her miseries comparing herself to jews in the construction camps , where she is the victim. In “Daddy “ she thinks of her dad as a german Nazi “I thought every german was you” to describe the effect her dad had on when he died. Plath shows how fragile she is when it comes to him by stating “I think I may well be a jew” because she fears her dad and that he has control over her even though he is dead. She uses the metaphor of a Nazi to portray her dad because he had a very strong influence on her and she sees herself to be weak against him. In “Lady Lazarus” she compares her skin to be “bright as a Nazi lampshade” which describes the whiteness and paleness of skin when someone is dead. Plath's uses really strong historic cruelty events to describe her depression in both “Daddy” and “Lady …show more content…
She feels like they control her and that the only way to let them go is to kill them in her memory. In Daddy you can see how much pain she is going through and how much bitter she sounds. She also uses more metaphors than in “Lady Lazarus” and in “Lady Lazarus” she is more of herself. In Lady Lazarus she portrays herself has a strong independent woman who knows what she wants and believes that she will rise and “eat men like air” she is showing that her husband and Dad don't affect her anymore. Plath identifies herself as lady Lazarus and how is being resurrected every time she wants to die. At the end of the poem of “Lady Lazarus” Plath grows stronger as she rises “Out of the ash” where is not scared

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