Essay The Play Of The Game

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It Takes a Team

Down. Set. Hike! The first play of the game is underway, and it ends with a loud crack from the collision of two players. You can smell the Vermont autumn air. It’s cool, but the turf below our feet is warm. We’re on defense first, and ready to make statement. But it won’t be made on this drive, the next play the running back goes up the middle and he’s gone. Second play of the game. Touchdown Burlington, and their home crowd explodes. Our coaches keep telling us to stay focused. Our first offensive possession ends with a punt. We go back and forth stopping each other on defense. We are regaining confidence and it’s almost halftime. However, just before the buzzer ending the second half was about to go off, they try one more play. The quarterback heaved it into the endzone and the opposing player had caught it. Touchdown. We stood there, frozen and confused about what just happened and walked back to the locker room with our heads down.

Sports have always been a big deal in my town, especially football. The Alumni that stayed around town talk about the game all week leading up to the next. How the team should’ve done this or that and how it would be different if they were still playing. But maybe they had a point. As of late, our football team has been mediocre. We have been on the losing end in the majority of our games. This game verse Burlington High School shouldn’t have been any different. Their school had five hundred more kids, better…

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