The Plan Never Pans Out Analysis

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Positive psychology generally is a good thing. But at the same time people have to be truthful about themselves. Richard is very positive, but he ignores the reality of the situation he is in. He is an antagonist not because he’s a bad person, but because he undermines the family’s happiness and many times ends up causing more problems. Richard believes that his book will be successful and focuses way too much on that. He focuses less on his family and more about himself. He ignores the truth that his book will fail. Optimism can go so far and ultimately his plan never pans out. He says “There's two kinds of people in this world, there's winners and there's losers. Okay, you know what the difference is? Winners don't give up. He believes in this statement, but ultimately he is not a winner, he may never give up but he fails. To a point where most of his family does not believe in his plan and know that it will fail. But he keeps wanting to focus on it and make Sheryl pour money into the plan. Richard may not be a bad guy, but he causes a lot of problems.
He reinforces the idea that life is about winning, he is usually talking about winning and his 9 steps to success. Olive says to Grandpa “Because... Daddy hates losers.” A 9-year-old girl believes that her
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One of his steps is “No Hocus Pocus, Just Focus’’ he means no fooling around and be focused. His 9 steps to success ultimately do not have to do with success and instead more about inspiration. Richard not only is at odds with his wife, but also with Frank, who is his guest, but he does not really treat him like one. Through dialogue between him and frank he does not like sarcasm and says “Sarcasm is losers trying to bring winners down to their level and that's step four in the program.” What he is and what he says contradict each other. He is not successful and is calling Frank, who is a successful

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