Human Injustice In Richard IV

Human injustice appears in the texts vividly. Human injustice cut across actions of treatment by those in power, leadership or authority. For instance, Richard’s aggression for the power leads to human injustice. He plans on the murder of his family. It is an injustice that Richard’s plans execution for his brother, nieces and wife (Lowers, 1997). His actions and misuse of power as a king brings his downfall. In his nightmare, the people’s curse him and predict unhappy ending by death. Injustice and pain of the individuals he had killed brought forth supernatural powers appear towards the end of the play. Appearance of courses in Richard’s dreams symbolizes injustice. On the other hand, Shelley portrays human injustice in various dimensions …show more content…
The play takes place in England, in the kingdom of York. At the time of the play, there is a depiction of loyalty and leadership, Richard pursues his family to death as he wanted to be king. Envy and hunger for power in the society controls his actions and fate in the play. From the start, when Edward IV is in power, he uses his intelligence and political pursuit to advocate his desires to be on the throne. He organizes murder for his elder brother Clarence and puts the blame on the king, his brother. Upon the king’s death, Richard commits more crimes to win the throne. Such action contributes to the death of noblemen of the court and late King Edward IV’s kids. By so doing, he instills fear in the society, and the general public curses him by his actions (Lowers, 1997). Though he succeeds to be the king, wrath of the curse and ill wishes by the natives bring him down in a short period. He meets his end on the battlefield. Richmond plays the significant role of bringing the malicious Richard into the world of death. Major themes have branched from the play such as supernatural power, intelligence, power, vengeance, and

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