King Lear Injustice Analysis

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The tragedy of King Lear in Shakespeare’s King Lear, has a reoccurring theme of injustice as many of the good characters get taken advantage of and lay dead next to the evil ones in the end. The plot involves many injustices and events that would in todays world, involve heavy consequences and repercussions. Yet, in Shakespeare they set into motion the storyline as many characters indulge in treachery, lies, and misconduct. The main character King Lear who is father to three daughters in the play has several injustices done to him as his own daughters succeed in stripping his powers as king from him. They take portions of his kingdom to rule over and they condemn his ability to command his troops. The normal process of inheritance is exceeded …show more content…
King Lear is played by his own two daughters who plot against him secretly. Gloucester A loyal man to King Lear also has several injustices done to him by his son Edmund. Edmund has a plan to ruin his fathers reputation inheriting his land and power. The driving force of this play is injustice. This leads to the development of the tragic tone of the play and identity of the characters. In King Lear the two sisters are portrayed as antagonists as they go behind their fathers back multiple times in order to gain power and wealth. Their acts of injustices are evident in the first act of Lear. King Lear is to divide his kingdom between his three daughters. His first test is the profession of the daughters love for him. “Tell me, my daughters-[ since now we will divest us both of rule, interest of territory, cares of state-] which of you shall say doth love us most, that we our largest bounty may extend where nature doth with merit challenge.” ( Lear P 11) Goneril and Reagan both profess their love for their father boasting and exaggerating how they really feel. These two only tell Lear what he wants to …show more content…
This pact allows the identities of these characters to develop parallel to each other as they work for a common purpose. They also force the identities of people loyal to Lear and Gloucester such as Kent and Cordelia to adapt to the hostile environment in which they occupy. These characters develop into the protagonists of the play as they become the victims of injustice in King Lear. Another form of injustice in King lear is the race for power and the treasonous behavior many of the characters use to gain power. Again, we see Lear being betrayed by his “loving daughters” Goneril and Reagan. In Act 1 we see them scheme after receiving land and power. “ Pray you, let us sit together. if our father carry authority with such disposition as he bears, this last surrender of his will but offend us.” (P 29) Goneril, after receiving land and power from her father plans to further inhibit her fathers powers. This quote shows the injustice has just begun as they continue to strip their father’s powers. This also contributes to the development of their identity through betrayal. This also shows how committed both of these antagonists are to their cause and foreshadows the fall of

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