The Place Of Jewish Prayer Essay

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The Place of Jewish Prayer As with every religion, people faithful towards a particular deity need a place to worship and pray to their god. Catholics have the church, Muslims have a mosque, and Jews have, what is called, a synagogue. The synagogue is a building where Jews can unite and praise their god. It is also a place for study and education ("Synagogue | Judaism."). Throughout the history of the religion, this communal building had many functions crucial to the tasks of Judaism. Synagogues are a specifically manufactured building that has embedded itself into the Jewish culture and the origin of them dates to a few hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ ("Synagogue | Judaism.”). The first real evidence of Synagogues suggests that they first arrived into Judaism around the 3rd Century B.C.E. ("Synagogue | Judaism."). “Some scholars think that the destruction of Solomon’s Temple in 586 bce gave rise to synagogues after private homes were temporarily used for public worship and religious instruction,” say the editors of The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica ("Synagogue | Judaism.”). There is still speculation of the origin of the synagogue but they undoubtedly started to momentously impact the practices of Judaism after the destruction of the first two Jewish temples ("Synagogue | Judaism."). Synagogues started serving as the main attraction for a body of Jews to pray and carry out rituals of Judaism ("Synagogue | Judaism."). Today, a plethora of Synagogues…

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