Conditions During The Holocaust

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A Jewish’s daily routine, regularly integrates tradition. Such as Kosher, Charity: Tzedakah, Synagogue, Kaddish, the 613 Commandments and Ten Mitzvahs. Kosher consists of the Dietary rules that Jew’s must follow and how such foods are prepared. Tzedakah is charitable giving as an obligation to the religion. A Jewish person is required to follow the Jewish Laws It is their duty to pray three times daily: in the morning, in the afternoon and at night. “These prayers are called morning prayer (shacharit), afternoon prayer (minchah) and evening prayer (Arvithor Maariv )” (Mindel,“Eve Tal.”: Jewish Tradition)The 613 commandments are almost like rules to follow in a Jew’s everyday life. The word “Mitzvot” means”divine commandment”. Mitzvot is a general …show more content…
Conditions in the holocaust caused despair among the Jewish prisoners. Lack of the possibility of escape because of the conditions and the tight-knit security causes loss of hope of the close, yet near, freedom. The inexplicable horrors of the holocaust have caused many of the Jewish prisoners to neglect religious practices. This pandemonium, caused by the numerous casualties in the camps. “Where is God now?” And I heard a voice within me answer him: “Where is He? Here He is—He is hanging here on this gallows.” This quote, from Ellie Wiesel (Night), shows how much each unknown death affected the prisoners. Each one of the deaths represented a loss of hope, survival, and humanity. A death of a loved one or a family would most likely impact you more than any other person. Usually in a family there is a Father & Son bond and/or a Mother & Daughter bond. During the holocaust because the remaining families were separated because of gender. Father & son and Mother & Daughter bonds strengthened, for they both relied on each other to survive. These Bonds were created as a balance, as they both relied on each other and were the family they had at the moment. An example of a Father and son relationship/bond is in Night, where Elie and his father help each other survive in the midst of the holocaust, keeping each other from death’s grasp. Isolation was one of many causes of doubt within the conviction …show more content…
Their faith constantly changed due the negativity of the situation that they were put in by just believing. The Jew has changed their ways after coming out of the holocaust because of the inhumanity of the officers and the camps. The Holocaust impacted many of its survivors in such a way that a loss of faith was not uncommon, due to the inhumanity of the camps and the loss of freedom. Many survivors of the holocaust renounced their religion due to the lack of faith of their god. Dora Lefkowitz is an example of the loss of faith during the holocaust. She remarked “I cannot see a God who will allow a little baby to be killed for no reason at all. And I really lost my belief, then, right there and then…What did they do so terrible that they had to perish? I think if God is so great and so powerful, he could have struck Hitler down before he killed so many Jews…” There are others who still believe -after all the hardship they have been through- in god; such as a Hasidic Rabbi. “…A Hasidic rabbi lost his wife and 11 children in the Holocaust. Afterwards, he was asked, “Why did miracles occur only during biblical times? Why don’t they happen in our time?” The rabbi replied, “The fact that there are Holocaust survivors who, after all they endured, can still keep faith, is itself, the greatest miracle of all.” Out of the Future

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