The Place Of Conflict Within Education Essay

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Place of Conflict in Education

Conflict in education is defined as a challenge to the way a person thinks or behaves. It

can be uncomfortable process between young students and professors which can involve

uneasiness, fear or range of other strong emotions. Conflict is a natural and daily occurrence that

we experience in classroom like incomplete understanding, language, age, gender or cultural

barrier. Do all these conflicts in education help one to gain knowledge or are we loosing the

essence of concept which is presented to us?

In “Other Voices, Other Rooms”, Gerald Graff discuss the problems college students face

today in America. As Gerald says, “students have become cynical relatives who care less about

convictions than about grades and careers” (338). This problem is solely due to lack of

communication between professors which creates cognitive dissonance. As there is conflict in

professor’s perspectives, students may spend learning the evil of communism. So the student

cares more about appeasing the professor, changing their opinion depending on certain professor

beliefs or ideas, in order to obtain good grades. In all these process students loose the concept

and convictions which are being presented before them.

According to Gerald, “Student may be exposed to the same information in several

courses while failing to recognize it as “the same” since it is contextualized differently in each…

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