Essay on The Pit Bull Is Not An Object Of Discrimination

2744 Words Apr 11th, 2015 11 Pages
Todays’ society has led to the demise of the original reputation of the Pit bull. False allegations and intentional implantation of fear has contributed to the degradation of this breed. For the past several years, the Pit bull has had their reputation demolished due to false assumptions. However, the Pit bull was not always an object of discrimination. Within the last decade, society’s view of this beloved breed has degenerated. Quite often, the Pit bull is no longer looked upon as a loyal companion. Instead, it is often portrayed as an unpredictable, bloodthirsty monster. People, through ignorance and fear, have allowed the results of irresponsible ownership to camouflage the innocent dogs that make up a majority of this breed. Animals, like humans, are often products of their environment. A dog’s temperament and behavior can be greatly influenced by an owner’s training or lack, thereof. Irresponsible ownership can create instability in a pet. Over the past several years, the media has chosen to use its prime resource, television, to influence the public. The media is constantly releasing short films in conjunction with Pit bull advocates to give a voice to the voiceless. It is then left to society to educate itself, adopt a more open-minded view and allow these animals to have a chance to prove they can be as docile as any other breed. There appears to be confusion over what, exactly, constitutes the breed Pit bull. Therefore, people are naturally…

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