The Pillars Of The National Honor Society Essay

1019 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
It is truly an honor to be acknowledged by the National Honor Society at CCHS. I have been working hard for the past four years and am looking forward to being considered to be a part of this society. The four pillars of the National Honor Society are leadership, scholarship, service, and character. Therefore, by showing that I possess each of these four qualities, I can contribute to the Catholic Central High School community as a member of the National Honor Society. Being a part of NHS would allow me to grow as a person, and do as much as I can for others. If there is one word that describes me the most, it would be ambition. Ever since I can remember, all I’ve wanted to do was become a surgeon. I wanted to work in a hospital and I also wanted to travel around the world, helping the less fortunate. I also want to travel around the world and submerge myself in hundreds of different cultures and learn their traditions and eat their food. I’ve also always wanted to learn how to dance and learn five languages. Everything I set myself to do, I have accomplished, or I plan to accomplish in the future. I have always strove the best to achieve the best results and I am sure that my ambitions would benefit the NHS. I have participated in cheerleading, track, and soccer during my years in high school. The main thing that all of these teams have in common is unity. I have experienced dealing with other people and solving problems and I know that this is something I can bring to…

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