The Pilgrim's Progress Book Review

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The Pilgrim's Progress Book Review

What is it like to be a Christian? John Bunyan paints an accurate picture of the Christian life through his allegory The Pilgrim's Progress. Through the characters and locations in the book, Bunyan points out the false views of God people have, the flaws of having these views, and the rewards one receives when he obeys the Bible. A couple of Bunyan's characters Talkative and Christian show the difference between having head knowledge about God and having heart knowledge about God. Talkative knew much about the Bible but didn't apply it to his life. When Faithful asked Talkative if he was walking to the Celestial City, Talkative was quick to tell him yes. They started a conversation with Talkative expressing
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He knew that receiving Christ would cause an outcry against sin, but he didn't realize that the outcry was an outward reaction to the work being done within the heart. Within the heart, God was convicting the Christian and was making him realize how unclean and undeserving of forgiveness he is because of all the evil he has done. Not only does he cry out against sin, but he also earnestly seeks to dissociate himself from error and unrighteousness. Talkative knew that a Christian could receive much knowledge about God, but this knowledge was the result of sincere yearning to draw close to God and a result of the Christian's drive to please and obey God. Once he discovered these truths from Faithful, Talkative promptly stopped the conversation to avoid being convicted anymore because he knew that he had chosen to follow his own will and refused to admit his need for true repentance. Unfortunately, his pride held him back from receiving God's true salvation. Speaking of Godly topics is easy and simple, and one can easily fool others by appearing to be a Christian; but living a truly Godly life is difficult and trying. Only God can help one attain a genuinely righteous

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