The Physics Of Mechanical Engineering Essay

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Just like in any other job there are pros and cons. First pro of mechanical engineering is that there is high-level Salary. Being the designers of important equipment Mechanical engineers are paid a lot with an average annual income, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statics, of 85,264$. Money isn 't everything in the world but this is an incentive. The second pro is that there is job flexibility, unlike a specialist who has no choice but to do one thing with their skill, mechanical engineers can work in a variety of industries including Mechatronics, aerospace, robotics, and manufacturing industries. I am very excited about this pro because I have interest in robotics and aerospace engineering. The final pro is that mechanical engineers typically work in their own offices. I like being in my own office and just work quietly work because it 's the only way I can fully focus.

Although there are many pros, mechanical engineering has some cons. The first con is that you would have to travel to many places. Depending on the size of the firm engineers have to go on trips to see the clients or instruct the workers how to build the machine. Travel may also get tedious because engineers have to go back and forth to do inspection for placement of machines to the same place. The second con is that you have to go further in your education in order to become fully successful in all fields. In order to stay with the rapidly changing technology Mechanical engineers need to have…

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