The Physical Component Of My Life Essay

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This fall semester has challenged me in many different aspects of my life. However, the greatest challenge has been the physical component of my life. I’m an athlete, so physical fitness is of the utmost importance. I play volleyball in the fall and run track in the winter and spring. Unfortunately, I have had a series of injuries this semester. I tore parts of my left hamstring which kept me from competing in volleyball for five weeks. When I was finally able to return to volleyball, I incurred an abdominal strain, which kept me from training for track for three weeks. This was a discouraging, agonizing time in my life. These injuries prevented me from playing competitively, but also from engaging in any form of physical exercise. This inactivity brought about changes in me both physically and mentally. Physically, I saw a change in my body composition, and a reduction of muscle tone and strength, while mentally I developed a new found appreciation for the ability to be physically active. My ultimate goal, therefore, was to raise my level of physical fitness, so that I was prepared to participate in track and field in the spring. To achieve that goal, I wanted to increase my amount of physical activity and lose 10 pounds.
C. Corbin, G. Welk, W. Corbin, and K. Welk (2013) define physical fitness as the “body’s ability to function efficiently and effectively” (p. 7). There are several different definitions of physical activity, but for the purpose of this paper, the preceding…

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