Essay about The Philosophy Of The School Room

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Well respected and esteemed 26th president, Abraham Lincoln, once said, “the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” The experiences and education an individual receives during their youth through schooling is an essential part of how one can prosper and succeed in future society. Such experiences and knowledge sets the key foundation to enable an individual to be more informed and open-minded about numerous aspects and parts of life. However, although it’s useful to broaden an individual’s understanding of topics and subjects present in the current society, intelligence should be defined not solely as reasoning and factual knowledge. Rather, it should be equally about promoting and nurturing one’s creativity and divergent thinking through the use of divergent curriculum and encouragement of such through both proficient and esteemed educators and teachers.
Curriculum is an essential basis to govern and found a more diverse form of thinking, and should put much greater emphasis on how one can better learn to broaden their opinions and ideas rather than basic textbook retention. Curriculum should be limited not to the general process of the concrete implementation of precise aspects of a topic in class in order to rank well

on a test or assessment, but more so to cultivate different and more diverse ways to solve a problem. Standardized tests view both a school’s effectiveness of “properly” educating students and an…

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