Formative And Summative Assessment In Education

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Educators in junior primary need to include assessments among their learning programs. Assessment provides a valuable source of information that illustrates learning in progress. A wide range of methods used in collaboration with children, families, and other professional support networks will gain a deeper insight of data. Curriculum frameworks and education government agencies highlight the importance of assessment as it provides high quality learning and teaching. Educators need assessment tools to report on student learning and develop learning intentions for future planning. This will assist with understanding the next step in the learning program. The following paragraphs investigate and describe the purpose of assessment
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At the beginning and during the instructional process, formative assessments are developed to inform educators on the very specific aspects of student’s learning at the present time. At the end of the instructional process summative assessments are developed to summarize what learning has been achieved throughout the learning program. The Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace (2010, p. 38) states “to retain a holistic view of a child, educators use a range of assessment tools and …show more content…
1). “Summative assessment data provides teachers with information about how effective teaching strategies have been, time needed for instruction and how to improve teaching for future students” (ACT Government Education and Training, 2012, p. 7). Reports are provided to families twice a year that highlight the standards that have been achieved using a five point rating scale among the educational setting. This provides data that supports assessment of learning. Other instruments that can be developed can be demonstrated through diagnostic testing, standardized tests or quizzes at the end of a learning area. With the use of these assessment methods student attainment improves and guides quality teaching and learning

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