The Philosophy Of Free Will Essay

1171 Words May 8th, 2016 null Page
Free Will is a topic that various philosophers and people in general discuss at great lengths about its nature. This is due to the fact that the problem of free will applies to every person on the planet and directly influences peoples’ thoughts/reasoning depending on their sense of free will. With such prevalence within the thoughts of humanity, four views of free will have become widely known throughout the world of everyday people and philosophers alike. These four views being that of Determinism, Compatibilism, ultimate free will and Libertarianism. The problem of free will interests me to a great degree, as I have always seen or been told that one person is not meant for something or that such thing is not possible for them and is ‘destined’ for something else. These notions are ones I dislike as I believe that for the most part, one could do almost anything with time and effort while choosing for themselves their own fate. Though I also believe that one’s past for the most part determines their interests and actions of the future, though not entirely. Due to these ideas, I believe that compatibilism within the problem of free will is logically possible. The problem of free will is the argument and discussion on whether ones actions are made out of one’s own desires or that it is predetermined by prior actions and that everything in the future is determined to occur because of it. Free will in philosophy is defined as the ability to choose based of one’s own desires…

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