The Philosophy Of Education And Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

Everyone encounters some type of math in their life. Whether it’s going to the store and someone determines whether they have enough money to get certain items or parents budgeting their financials so that they can take care of bills and the expense of their families. Somewhere in each of our lives we have to understand math. Children as they get older, their minds begin to mold into their experiences and encounters they face. If they do not see how it would help them in the future or impact their lives they do not take it fully serious.

I believe that teachers have to show students the importance of their subject matter. If a teacher is able to effectively teach students how they will use History, Science, English and/or Math. The students will begin to appreciate the subject more, and I don’t just mean to tell them how it is use, but really may it relative to their lives. How will they apply Algebra to their life if they don’t plan to be an engineer or computer tech? How do they apply History if they don’t plan on being an Historian, etc.? Teachers have to know how to make these subjects relative with application. If they understand why these things are important to their success as a student and as a person. They will begin to understand that everything they learn now goes a lot further than just them in a classroom.

There are multiple ways that every student learns. There is no one student that learns exactly like the other, so a teacher…

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