Essay on What Is The Difference With Educational Change?

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What is the difference with educational change?

I agree that in some cases we still teach from an industrial educational standpoint. We have not transformed our educational systems as we should have. A lot of times individuals will say that the quality of the education in the United States is down compared to other countries or how students are better prepared in other countries. In the U.S., we allow everyone who wants to go to attend.
I do believe that teachers are not engaging their students to learn as they should, and I enjoyed hearing the part about ADHD. I do believe that we medicate students when they don’t need to be. I also believe that we will label underrepresented students in special education, but we don’t test the kids out, but leave them there because of the challenges and the demands that are placed on teachers.
We are asking students to think critically, but we are not providing them with the tools to be critical thinkers. Think about businesses and change…business will go out of business if they do not evolve and change with the times. Given that point, why are schools SO resistant to change?

Our educational systems are not ready to make the transformational changes that are needed, and some of these changes have to come quickly and to be efficient and effectively. When I worked at IBM, we brought in a new CEO and at the time, there was a lot of fat at IBM, and leaders did not want to make the changes, but they failed to realize that if…

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