The Philosophical Philosophy Of Descartes And Wordsworth Essay

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Descartes and Wordsworth are some of the most studied and well respected philosophers of all time. Descartes is known through the Meditations on First Philosophy in which he goes on the quest for knowledge. In the Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes discusses that most of what he knows, he, himself is not sure of because these things are more geared toward his mind and thought process. Descartes pretends that certain things are false because he is in doubt. Similarly, Wordsworth is known for his critical essays that are in the form of poems that have similarities and differences in the spiritual journeys to Descartes’ ideas called the Prelude. In this text, Wordsworth focuses on experiences and the journey that he took, ensuring and eventually believing in his own thoughts. Though Descartes and Wordsworth doubt everything they know to reconstruct a world, they both use imagination to ultimately understand who they are by discovering the truth within the mind.
Through the First Meditation, Descartes began by exaggerating and doubting things such as objects, himself and god. “A body I understand whatever has a determinable shape and a definable location and can occupy a space in such a way as to exclude any other body; it can be perceived by touch, sight, hearing, taste or smell” (Descartes 17). He believes that the things he learned were due to the five senses: hear, smell, see, touch, and taste. Descartes believes that we cannot trust our senses, logic or reason;…

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