Essay on The Perspectives Of Psychology And Psychology

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There are about seven of perspectives that are involved in psychology, they help determine what the psychologist is looking for and gives them an answer. Basically, it focuses on the empirical evidence and critical thinking, it helps them understand the reason on what they are looking at. The seven perspectives are Behaviorism, Evolutionary, Psychodynamic, Biological, Cognitive, Humanistic, and finally Ecological. They are all very different but they all do deal with psychology and it is quite interesting on what each one talks about and on how the information was given. My attention was brought too three of these perspectives which are Biological, Behaviorism, and Cognitive and the way they were brought upon, and what they have to do with psychology in their own way.

Biological Perspective in psychology also known as Biopsychology was founded by Charles Dawn, and basically the Biological Perspective is a way of looking at human problems and actions. It also talks about the genetics, gender, and the neurotransmitters and how the brain and immune system work as well as the nervous system. The people who look at a biological perspective look for parts of the brain might lead to some aggressive actions, and also study on how genetics are linked to mental disorders. Even though biopsychologists study much similar things as other psychologist they are very interested on how the biological forces shape the human behavior, the study of physiology plays a tremendous role in…

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