The Personality Traits Of Trump Essay

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• Extraversion-talkative, sociable, and tendency to have a dominant style
• Gullible - easily fooled: quick to believe something that is not true.
• Narcissism – self-love, selfishness, and often has problems feeling empathetic toward others.

The Washington Post interviewed psychologist to determine how Donald Trump attracts supporters and their characteristics (personality) traits. From a psychologist perspective, Trump supporters are individuals that like people who talk big, people who tell them that their problems are simple and easy to solve (even if there not), and they like people who look like them. In February of 2016, Trump won his third caucus by winning the state of Nevada, which placed him as a top contender for the Republican nominee. Donald Trump supporters are big influences on social media and in communities. Like him, or hate him, Trump supporters are indeed in a category of their own, which frightens GOP leaders the most.

So, how do the traits listed above describes Donald Trump and his supporters? The three personality traits (extraversion, gullible, and narcissism) were selected base on Trump behavior in interviews, speeches, and from social media post. Though Trump isn’t clinically diagnosed as a narcissist, his demeanor of self-love, selfishness, and lack of empathy says otherwise. Trump possesses the extraversion trait, due to his talkative, social, and dominant conversations, especially when debating on why he’ll be a better…

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