The Personality Traits Of Feist Essay examples

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To create means to bring something into existence. Consequently, the word creative refers to a person who have acquired the ability to create. Since creativity sprains from individuals, psychologists have attempted to find other personality traits that might be associated with creativity in an individual. Feist (1998) noted that the field of personality psychology and creativity emphasize the distinctiveness of an individual, and focus on fairly stable traits that elicit the individual 's originality. He stated that it is the constancy in the personality traits that allow traits to accumulated into prototype of a personality. Feist (1998) acknowledged creative thought or behavior need to original and be socially useful or adaptive in order to be considered creative. Moreover he acknowledged, although creativity is useful in every aspect of life, it is especially useful in the sciences and the arts. Thus, artists, scientists, and children are commonly studied for this domain of creativity.
Feist (1998) set out to review the empirical findings of creativity between the artists and scientists. For this meta-analysis he used empirical findings to classify a trait items into one of the Five Factor Model (FFM dimensions), extraversion, agreeableness, consciousness, neuroticism, and openness. He used the strongest effect sizes of traits, published in empirical studies, that used different personality inventories such as California Psychological Inventory (CPI) and the sixteen…

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