Essay about The Person Of Choice For The Interview I Conducted

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The person of choice, for the interview I conducted, was Kristen Hicks, of Cumberland Road Elementary. Currently, Mrs. Hicks owns the title of a library and media specialist. However, prior to receiving the position as a media specialist, Mrs. Hicks has engaged predominantly in teaching kindergarten through fourth grade classrooms. Overall, Mrs. Hicks has been apart of the Hamilton Southeastern School District for the last fifteen consecutive years. Majority of this duration, has partake at Cumberland Road Elementary. For Mrs. Hicks, the deciding factor, for choosing the teaching profession, comprises of the passion to work with children. Whether in the field of teaching, or a different career path, Mrs. Hicks reveals the ultimate goal was to seek a profession, which included children. When asked about the essential qualifications of teaching, Mrs. Hicks primarily recognizes the love of children, and a passion for learning, as the two main requirements. Mrs. Hicks extended this point, concluding the teacher needs to have an interests in assisting the child, throughout all aspects of their life. As for the personal demands of the teaching profession, Mrs. Hicks insists a teacher must gather knowledge, regarding the background of their students. Another personal demand, Mrs. Hicks emphasized, was the constant planning of lessons outside of the classrooms. To build upon these statements, a qualified teacher should consists of someone, who has the intent, and ability to design…

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