Personal Narrative-The Perfect American Family

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Generally everyone is born into what seems to be the perfect American family. No one every thinks that this perfect life you currently live could ever be broken up, I use to be one of this hopeful believers. In just the blink of an eye your happy family can be broken in half and your parents will be getting a divorce like mine did. When my parents got divorced it wasn’t just them separating I was also being separated from the only man in my life. He was my number one supporter in life. It all started one day when I was in second grade, I came home to find balloons and my dad sitting at the kitchen table. My dad was home from work early which hardly ever happened, I knew then that something wasn’t right. My parents kept giving each other the …show more content…
By now I’m ten and understand so much more than before. He tried to explain to me that he hadn’t started another family, but that he was working to support the family he still had. He left to work on the railroad to clear his mind and try to figure things out. We finally started our every other weekend schedule life was finally looking up. Even with my parents apart they still got along once my dad came back. I never had to have split birthday parties they got along so I only had one. To this day I think my dad still tries to make up for how horrible the divorce was on me and my sister. I think he understands how unfair it was to just leave his little girls. He left me as a little girl and now I have grown into a very strong young woman. In college he still text me every day to see how I am just to assure me that he will always be there. The injustice of divorced parents is huge on any child no matter what anyone says. I believe in till death do us part. I know they say an unhappy family can be worse than the destruction of divorce. I don’t believe that I think everyone should try again before calling quits in a marriage. When a divorce happens parents need to spend much more time with their kids explaining things and making sure they are feeling okay. Just remember whatever happens you will always have to care for your

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