Short Story: The Perfect Teenage Girl

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¨Elizabeth! You are going to be late for your first day of school!¨ Said the mother of our main character. The tale I am about to start begins in the morning of Elizabeth's first day of senior year. This tale is a tale that most teenage girls wish they would have happened to them. Our character is a seventeen year old girl who has nothing but one friend whose name is Lilly. These girls will be the main focus of our tale as the story of how ¨The Perfect Boyfriend¨ was created.

¨I'm coming mom!¨ Hi you may or may not know who I am, but for those who don't I am Elizabeth Cortez, hi. Today is the day that most of us teens all know as either doomsday or hallelujah day. Mainly because today is September 3, the day we know, our parents know, and the whole city of love garden knows as BACK TO SCHOOL!
In my case it's definitely without a doubt or question doomsday! You can only imagine why a nerdy teenage girl like me says otherwise. Most stereotypes people think that we smart outsiders throw study parties and are ecstatic about the day of back to school, but In all reality, I think I can speak for all my fellow outsiders that we dread this day. You ask why? Well ladies and gents take a seat
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Which means we have most of the popularity in the school, ¨Elizabeth can we talk for a second?¨ ¨yeah sure after my after school activities¨ I said. At the moment I didn't realize the hurt I was doing to my best friend until she said ¨I don't even know you anymore¨ and she walked away with anger and tears in her eyes. As soon as I realized what I have done, I tried looking for her everywhere but couldn't seem to find Lily. A few hours went by and still no sign of Lily but Chad was acting crazy his moods were completely different, and he was just being rude in general almost like he didn't love me

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