The People V. O.j Simpson Essay

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The People v. O.J. Simpson O.J. Simpson – a name everyone in America knows, but not everyone knows who this man truly was. At a young age, this controversial man became the man of the hour. People first knew him as the star of his college football team and later became an American hero. Simpson was truly an iconic man in America. However, later in his life he would encounter a downfall he could never recover from. On June 13th of 1994 at approximately 4:25 in the morning, police were called to the scene of a violent murder in Brentwood, California (Toobin 34). The location of the crime was Nicole Brown Simpson’s house (Toobin 34). Nicole was O.J.’s estranged wife at the time. At the scene, they found 2 victims stabbed to death, later confirmed as Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman (Toobin 24). Also, the detectives at the scene including: David Rossi, Mark Fuhrman, Ron Phillips, and Brad Roberts, discovered multiples pieces of evidence that would lead them to the suspect of this horrific double-murder case (Toobin 30). Along with the two victims that lie dead on the ground of the crime-scene, the detectives discovered “a black hat, a white envelope stained in blood, and a single leather glove” near the feet of Ronald Goldman (Toobin 25). Also, the detectives discovered a trail of bloody footsteps that lead from Nicole’s body toward the alley outside of the house (Toobin 25). Robert Riske, the LAPD (Las Angeles Police Department) officer at the scene, also discovered…

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