Why Was Everybody So Fascinated With The Oj Simpson Trial

Why was everybody so fascinated with the O.J. Simpson trial?

When we hear the name Orenthal James Simpson we don’t think of his Heisman trophy or his first overall pick in the NFL Draft. We think about the trial of the century, the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The O.J. case was one of the first cases nationally televised; being televised people got to see what happened and therefore, started the fascination with the case. But what made it so fascinating? Was it him being famous, the media, a car chase, or race? Why was everybody so fascinated with the O.J. Simpson trial? One reason everybody was so fascinated with the O.J. Simpson trial was because he was a common household name. Orenthal James Simpson was
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Simpson trial because it was the first form of reality television. The final verdict of the trial was broadcasted by nine national news channels and dozens of local news channels. About 100 million people tuned in to watch the trial of the century. People like to describe the media coverage as a feeding frenzy, so the coverage was constant. Most day time news channels would not do their daily segments on days of the trials. According to an article published by USA Today news network channels would turn “over a total of 84 minutes of their nightly newscast to the Simpson saga” (Rem Rieder). Instead of their daily segments they would start continuous live footage from outside the courtroom, but when the trial would start they would live stream the actual trial from inside the courtroom. The media coverage wouldn’t stop, the news reporters would then talk about what happened that day in the trial for the next days or until the next part of the trial was conducted. Overall the trial took 15 ½ months to come to a final not guilty verdict. This type of coverage was in some way the first type of reality television. The news coverage all started with a white ford bronco racing down the 405 …show more content…
Simpson case? Everybody was so fascinated because he was famous, the media, the car chase, and race. Being famous played a role into the fascination because people love to see famous actors, musicians, athletes, etc. fall from the once great person to a screw up or in this case, a criminal. The media played into it because it was one of the first big televised case. This type of media coverage was the first kind of form of reality television. The car chase was the first kick start to the madness behind the case; when people saw the car chase people automatically wanted to see the end results to the case. Race in any topic is very controversial, and controversy stirs fascination. Orenthal James Simpson is now thought of a murder who got off or an innocent man set

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