The Patterns Of Stress And Intonation Essay

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For this essay, I have chosen prosody for both English and ASL text. Prosody is defined as “the patterns of stress and intonation in a language”. In English, prosody is known as pauses, falling intonation, pitch, tone, etc. Whereas ASL prosody is body movements, speed of signing, eyebrow movement, etc. (Winston, 2000). For this assignment, I have reviewed both English and ASL videos to show prosody in both languages.
Prosody, the suprasegmental system made up of intonation, stress, rhythm, and pitch (Hatch, 1992) are found within spoken languages. On a daily basis, we are able to hear prosody in languages. Unaware it’s quite natural to distinguish prosody in conversations but to identify these features within pre-recorded videos are a bit complicated. The video I have chosen is conceptual teaching. One of the prosodic features the teacher uses is rising and falling pitch. Between the time sections of (00:00:01.590-00:00:06.540), he says “Who ↗ plans on going to college?” The emphasis or rise is placed on the “who”. The students now know he is asking them a question and hopes for a response. The response is identified after he says “college” because there is a pause. The video does not show him scoping the classroom but student’s hand shoot up in response to his question. After this statement, he chooses a student to his left. He says to her “Alright Jasmine (pause) Why↗? There is a slight rise in his voice, which indicates a question (“Pitch”). Another example of pitch is…

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