The Patagonia Case Essay

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1. The key facts in the Patagonia case are that they really took care of their employees. “Patagonia’s encourage all employees to balance work, play, and family and maintains a highly causal atmosphere” (Ferrell et al, 2009). They wanted their employees to have the same attitude and personalities they would have at home around their family and friends. With the company caring for their employees like that, the turnover rate was very low which a good thing. The employees do not want to leave, because he gives them the opportunity to be able to take of their family and work. The company also has a daycare in the company, so that people can have their small children there with them. On the other hand if the employees ever go out and find another job it would be hard for them to cope with the change due to the Patagonia spoiling their employees to where they can live life and work at the same time. When going to a new company it will be hard for them change their ways, because they would be used to doing what they were doing with Patagonia.

2. Patagonia work environment and values helps out a lot with their employees, especially the women with children. “The company also offers paid maternity and paternity leave and believes that if children are ever ill, the parents should be with them rather than at work” (Ferrell et al, 2009). This enhance the lives of the employees, because children gets sick at an unexpected times and for this company having the employees off to take…

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