My Experience In High School: Personal Narrative

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Anger, hurt, despair, sadness, and even terror. All feelings I have felt in the past year, for what seemed to last forever. Although it has been a rollercoaster, the past year of my life has taught me more than my entire life put together. If I had to pick a single event that shaped me for my education here at
Colorado Christian University, it would most definitely be getting kicked out of my home in June of this year. Now, this isn’t your typical “troubled teen gets kicked out” story. No, I was not the ideal child by no means. I was defiant, talked back, and some days even had a temper. As a young kid, I remember hearing how bad I was, but to the outside world I was an angel. I was brought up to be very respectful, to children my
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I started to see how successful my big brother was and heard the trials he went through to get there and it gave me hope. So, I decided I was going to go to school and become something. I never wanted to feel helpless again and it pushed me to become better. I not only thought about myself, but I thought about my future children. I never want to wonder where my kid’s meals will come from or ever question where they will sleep. Although the experience I went through was difficult, I would not change any of it. To this day my parents have not reached out to me. I do not resent them because they helped me become who I am today. This once horrific event shaped me to become a completely different person, in the best possible way. I never would have thought I would be able to go to college, let alone a university. I have been so blessed and that is what will push me to be my absolute best throughout my schooling. God has been by my side through it all, even when I neglected our relationship.
Going forward, I will always keep my trials at the back of my mind. It not only keeps me going but also shows me where I once was and where I never want to be again. This hard time will always be

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