My Core Beliefs

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Throughout my life, many events and people helped create my beliefs and values. When I think about some of my core beliefs and values, I can pinpoint the event or person I got it from. Some people helped influence me more than others, but without every single one of my experiences, good or bad, I would not be the person I am today.
Over the years I have had many people in my life that have helped guide me into becoming who I am today. My mother is the primary person in my life that guided me and taught me my core values. She has always been an inspiration to me because of how loving and hardworking she is. When I was young, my parents got a divorce and going back and forth between my mom and dad's house was very hard on my sister and
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She is one of the main reasons I am anti-drug. I’ve seen all of the medicine she has to take just to stay healthy and avoid the disease getting any worse, and it made me question why anyone would want to take drugs willingly. Without her, I don’t think I would be as hard on people who take drugs when they have nothing wrong with them. Her influence in my life has had an immeasurable effect on me and has molded me into the person I am today.
As I grew up, I had many experiences, good and bad, that would later help shape my beliefs and the way I treat people. I was bullied a lot as a kid, and that created a few of my firm beliefs. If there weren't these time in my life where I felt sad and alone, I would not strive as much to make others happy. Most of the time when we played spots I wouldn't get picked by the other students to be on their team until last. As I grew up I didn’t want people to feel like I did so I started to include as many people as I could in whatever I was doing. I try to be friends with everyone and make them feel welcome in my friend group. I also had an issue speaking when I was younger and had to do speech therapy during parts of elementary school. Kids would call me ‘blank ’ because I would always avoid talking to people. I became more comfortable with speaking as
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I actively try to build people up and help them solve the issues that are ‘silencing’ them. The bad experiences in my life are significant, but if I also didn't have good experiences to help teach me that everything in life is not awful, I feel that I would have been a completely different person. The forgiveness my family has always given me when I mess up made me believe in second chances. It made me realize that people aren't perfect and make mistakes sometimes so you should not define them by one or two wrong choices. It also made me understand that it is a lot easier to forgive someone instead of holding onto anger and hatred towards them. Lastly, the unconditional love my mother has always given to me is the thing that shaped me the most throughout my life. She was always there to soothe when I was younger and that made every issue in my life disappear from my mind. The way she treated everyone around her with kindness and compassion, even if she disliked the person, made me want to be just like her and be able to forgive and love

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